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Policy Impact Analyzer

Leverages AI to analyze and predict the impact of public policies, utilizing comprehensive data models built on neo4j graph databases.
Custom GPT Models

Employs tailored GPT models to understand and interpret complex policy documents, providing in-depth insights and forecasts.

Graph Database Insights

Utilizes neo4j to map and analyze the intricate relationships between policy elements, stakeholders, and impacts.

Politician Network Explorer

A platform that maps and visualizes the networks and influence patterns of politicians using advanced graph database technologies.
Neo4j Graph Analysis

Employs neo4j to create dynamic, interconnected models of political networks, uncovering hidden relationships and influence structures.

AI-Driven Insights

Integrates AI analytics to interpret complex network data, offering actionable insights into political dynamics.

Public Policy Recommendation Engine

Combines AI models and graph database insights to generate tailored policy recommendations.
RAGs for Policy Analysis

Leverages Retrieval-Augmented Generation for in-depth analysis and generation of policy recommendations.

Policy Relationship Mapping

Uses neo4j to visualize and analyze the relationships between various policy components and their potential outcomes.

AI-Powered Policy Agents

Deploys intelligent agents to simulate and evaluate policy scenarios in real-time, offering insights for decision-makers.
Adaptive AI Agents

Utilizes adaptive AI agents capable of simulating diverse policy environments and predicting their impacts.

Graph-Based Scenario Modeling

Incorporates neo4j graph databases to model complex policy scenarios and their interconnections.

Stakeholder Engagement Analyzer

Facilitates the analysis and understanding of stakeholder feedback and engagement using AI and graph databases.
Sentiment Analysis with GPT

Employs Custom GPT models for advanced sentiment analysis of stakeholder communications and feedback.

Stakeholder Relationship Graphs

Utilizes neo4j to map and analyze the complex web of stakeholder relationships and interactions.